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Buy and Sale of Companies

  • International acquisitions & divestitures of enterprises (share deal, asset deal, trade sale)
  • Transaction arrangement, scheduling, process operations and optimization of results
  • Sell-side & buy-side process management, documentation, buyer or target company search
  • Enterprise analysis of target company - business planning and investment memorandum
  • International bidding & auction process - timing, addressees and buyer selection
  • Data room management and seller / buyer due diligence support
  • Contract negotiation management and support of legal counsel and tax advisors
  • Support of legal & tax advisors for takeover or divestiture documents (purchase agreement)
  • Joint ventures and international collaboration (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Advising and coaching of entrepreneurial families and holding companies

Equity Investors and Capital Raising

  • Investor research and capital raising - strategic and financial investors
  • Venture capital (VC) fund investors
  • Private equity (PE) fund investors
  • Mezzanine funding and institutional investors
  • Analysis, planning and implementation of private placements
  • Analysis, planning and preparation for public placements (IPO)
  • Business planning and equity story for capital investment
  • PE/VC partner research, road show presentation

Securing its Future and Future Planning

  • Alternation of generations, family succession planning and handover of operation
  • Transfer of company shares to senior management (MBO, MBI)
  • Future scenario planning, company growth targets, strategy development
  • Business expansion through M&A and diversification
  • Geographical market development and operational internationalisation

Company Audit and Due Diligence

  • L5 Audit - current state analysis & evaluation of organisational capability (capability audit)
  • Implementation of financial due diligence, coordination of technical, legal & tax DD
  • Merger and synergy management / post-merger integration
  • International corporate committee services and board mandates


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