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How we work!

To be Outstanding, You must Stand Out.

At IMAP, we believe that we have a uniqueness that sets us apart. Distinct qualities that give us a global advantage and make us best suited to serve the M&A global middle-market.

We give every M&A project the utmost senior-level attention. IMAP brings professional assessment to client companies by researching and understanding the facts before drawing conclusions; by our commitment to objectivity; by performing execution; and by offering you the guarantee of a unique and trustful relationship.

In our capacity of international M&A advisors we cover the entire scope of services, from analyzing and designing transactions to structuring and closing deals. Where required, we lead post-merger integration teams supplementing or supporting the M&A management of our clients.

"How we work" can be summarized in 5 steps:

  • Diagnose - Solving strategic and operational challenges requires an objectivity and appreciation that must be obtained from intense scrutiny and review of the business and industry. IMAP is highly regarded for its ability to quickly achieve a thorough understanding of the operational challenges and market opportunities faced by its clients.

  • Plan - Success demands a clear path to results. Working with management of the company, IMAP develops a strategic plan that addresses challenges and opportunities. From defining roadmaps for acquisition or divestiture to supporting capital raising or succession planning.

  • Facilitate - Developing and implementing an acquisition or divestiture plan requires the participation and conviction of shareholders and respective decision makers across the organization. Drawing on the international M&A expertise of our partners, IMAP professionals forge consensus to enable action.

  • Lead - Delivering results depends on leadership capable of executing the strategic M&A plan. IMAP helps owners and management teams to implement the plan successfully, and provides leadership of the M&A team and the related environment, technology, legal and tax advisors where required.

  • Hand-over - We build in-house integration teams in accordance with the client at an early stage of the project. Experienced IMAP professionals and post-merger integration managers coach and orchestrate cross-functional team members and guarantee a smooth transition to a permanent integration manager or management team to continue implemented target integration or target assimilation.

IMAP professionals bring a blend of M&A expertise and entrepreneurial leadership. Our working style is hands-on and we are committed to excellence in professional services.

Engagement, confidentiality and competence are the principles which guide us at the execution of client mandates around the globe.


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